Part & Parcel Vessels

Branding / Identity
Product Design


Part & Parcel Vessels is a line of containers I am developing for waste-free grocery shopping. They stack, nest together, and have a watertight seal. Tired of toxic plastic and depressing disposables, and inspired by Indian tiffins and vintage American enamelware, I designed two lines of modular containers to be used to transport items like hummus, cheese, meat, or even bulk grains. 

The Passaic line is stainless steel, with a glass lid so you can put store in your fridge with the lid facing out and quickly see the contents. These are extremely durable, and are designed for use at Part & Parcel Grocery. The Montauk is made from enameled steel, with glass lids. These are inspired by vintage enamel food storage containers.

I created the concept, branding, and product design for Part & Parcel. Hearty thanks to Jonathan Alexander assistance with the final 3D renderings.